Chuanqi Zang

MSc Student
Computer Science and Technology School
Shandong University
Email:[email protected]

Advisor: Lei Ju

My research interests are Computer Architecture, GPGPU High Performance computing and Memory Management ,espacially Cache.

I received Bachelor’s degree in School of Information Science and Engineering at University of JiNan in 2015 and  Master’s degree in School of Computer Science and Technology at Shandong University in 2018 expected .


Selective Private Cache for GPU Cache Coherence

Embedded System Lab, Shandong Univ.2016-present

In this work,we exploit private cache to improve the performance of GPUs.we use data
analysis and control flow analysis to eliminate cache coherence problem and mitigate the
cache congestion by global memory access.We test our solution in Jetson TX1 and TX2.

Shared Last-level Cache Management for GPGPUs with Hybrid Main Memory.

Embedded System Lab, Shandong Univ.2015.9-2016.6

In this work, we explore the shared last-level cache management for GPGPUs with hybrid
main memory. we exploit the characteristics of both the asymmetric read/write latency of
the hybrid main memory architecture, as well as the memory coalescing feature of GPGPU.